LeadIT Con — Submitting a proposal

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the LeadIT Con 2023. By submitting a proposal, you’ll have the opportunity to share trends, best practices, stories on successful projects or collaborations, and contribute to developing solutions to community-wide issues.

Important Dates

August 23th (11:59 p.m. ET): All proposals must be received by this date.
August 30th: Confirmation notifications sent.
November 13-16: LeadIT Con 2023, the Dominican Republic
Selection Process

In selecting proposals, we ensure the conference will offer a comprehensive, non-promotional, commercially neutral, objective, and diverse program. The Conference Program Committee will review proposals based on the following selection criteria:
  • Relevance: Is the topic of relevance, importance, value, and/or interest to the event’s community?
  • Quality: Does the proposal demonstrate high quality by presenting a clear, accurate, comprehensive, and in-depth understanding of the topic?
  • Engagement/Knowledge Transfer: Does the proposal stimulate discussion, audience engagement, and/or facilitate knowledge transfer and competency development?
Speaker Terms

By submitting a proposal you are agreeing to the Speaker Terms. Please contact the LeadITCon speaker liaison at support(at)leaditcon(dot)com, if you have any questions.

  • Agree to sign a speaker agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of participation in the event.
  • Commit to participating in any pre-event training or briefing sessions that may be required.
  • Agree to submit presentation materials (slides, handouts, etc.) on or before the specified deadline.
  • Confirm availability for the scheduled presentation date and time, and notify the organizers promptly of any changes or conflicts.
  • Provide accurate and complete information for any promotional materials, including bio, photo, and presentation title.
  • Agree to follow the guidelines and requirements of the event, including time limits and presentation format.
  • Agree to engage in professional and respectful behavior towards other speakers, event staff, and attendees.
  • Consent to being recorded during the presentation, and to the use of their name, image, and presentation content for promotional purposes.
  • Consent to the sale of recorded content related to their presentation after the event.
  • Inform the organizers of any potential conflicts of interest or other relevant disclosures related to their presentation.
  • If selected into the program, the Speaker agrees to travel to the Iberostar Costa Dorada in Dominican Republic to present in person. Organizers will provide the visa invitation letters if needed and will reimburse the all-inclusive resort room stay for the number of conference days. If the speaker needs funding to reach the destination, organizers welcome the speaker to apply for the travel funding (the application will be provided upon request) pending to funds availability.
Session Track

The program committee has identified three suggested areas of focus (tracks/topics) for 2023:

  1. LeadIT track/Leadership (topics: leadership practices, strategic planning, crisis management solutions, managing multiple products and teams, organization transformation, nurturing team culture and inclusiveness)
  2. GrowIT/Personal development (topics: managing in remote/hybrid environment, career advancement, personal growth, mental health, finding training opportunities)
  3. InnovateIT/Technology and innovation (understanding tech stack, adoption of new technologies and tools, tech innovation, forefront of evolving tech, case studies)
Session Track
Select one track that best aligns with your session proposal
Delivery Format
To make learning more effective, the sessions will be delivered in a variety of formats. Please choose one of the following formats that you think would fit your session best
Please submit a short, yet descriptive session title. We encourage you to be creative. IMPORTANT: Do not use abbreviations and do not include company or product names in the session title. (100-character limit)
Identify three key practical takeaways (e.g., things attendees will know or be able to do as a result of participating in the session) (Limit the length of each outcome to 200 characters)
Briefly describe the attendee engagement strategies you will use that will enable attendees to actively participate in your session (400-character limit)
Please briefly state the importance, relevance, value, uniqueness, and/or interest to our community of IT professionals, and any activities you plan within the session (4.000 character limit)
Enter up to 3 keywords/phrases which are most applicable to your session content.
What else would you like the Program Committee to know about this proposal? (1,200 characters limit)
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